About Us

CareandCompare.com is a price comparison website – with a difference. It  offers a portal to SEOPA Ltd's quotation forms and price comparison service* to compare a broad range of insurance products from many top, well-known brands and companies, including, but not exclusively, Car and Van Insurance, Home Insurance, Life and Health Insurance, Travel insurance, Business Insurance, Pet Insurance, Leisure and Specialised Insurances.   But our website doesn't just help consumers to find competitive deals for all of their insurance requirements  - it donates 25% of business profits to charity.  We are 100% independent, and unlike many of the bigger price comparison companies, not owned by or affiliated to ANY insurance company

The four original Directors founded all-Welsh company Care and Compare Ltd. at the start of 2013. Each brought specific expertise, which used synergistically, resulted in the production of a new high-quality website, which underwent extensive research and development, so that consumers have the best possible experience when navigating the site.  They decided on the business model of donating 25% profits to charity in order to ‘give something back’ to society since each had other successful businesses or careers and thus the commercially-run, social enterprise of CareandCompare.com was launched in May 2013.  

Dr. Elaine Atkins T/A Care and Compare, who is one of the founding directors, now manages the business.
Users of the website can share in the good feeling of giving money to charity, safe in the knowledge that it costs them not a penny extra – quotations are free and there are NO added costs to policies/products taken out.  The company’s 25% charity donation is funded directly from business profits.  As our motto says: YOU save, WE give!

* SEOPA Ltd. has been providing comparison services since 2005.  It and its trading arm, Quotezone.co.uk currently provide in excess of 2,000,000 quotes per annum.  It is 100% independent and impartial, and is not owned by any insurance company.