Bull Breed Puppies Galore Needing Dedicated, Forever Homes!

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Finding a home for any puppy is challenging enough for dog rescue charities, but this time of year poses an extra challenge, with the Christmas period coming up.  Our Featured Charity, Finding Furever Homes, has been caring for 26 bull breed / bull breed cross puppies and their four mums, in partnership with a kennels in Shropshire.  After working tirelessly over the last few weeks to rehome puppies as they reached 10 weeks old, the charity has 8 remaining and is still appealing for dedicated owners to come forward and offer homes ( reservations can be made for adoption after the Christmas period). 
 The gorgeous pups have been vaccinated, wormed and microchipped. New owners will need to have them neutered once they are old enough, usually around six months of age.  Three of the four mums, Roxy, Lucy, and Evie are also seeking new owners.  Three of the bitches were signed over to the charity by owners who had not even realised their pets were pregnant, while the other one was a stray. Sapphire, mum of a litter back in the summer is also still waiting for new owners to come forward although all of her 9 puppies were rehomed. 
Andrea Newton, of Finding Furever Homes, believes these innocent puppies and their mums are symptomatic of a much wider problem of irresponsible dog ownership that exists across England and Wales.
She said: “Statistics suggest at any given time about 60 per cent of the dogs in rescue in England and Wales will be Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT) or SBT cross and that is because people are failing to neuter their pets. The unwanted puppies are changing hands for very little or no money, often resulting in them being bought or given away to homes that aren’t really interested in them.
“Those dogs in turn are not neutered and often not properly cared for and they end up being abandoned or straying or being signed over to animal charities such as ours, who are then left to deal with the consequences.”
“I would really encourage people to be responsible dog owners and reduce the huge problem of unwanted dogs in this country.”
 For further information about Finding Furever Homes and to offer a puppy a home please visit http://www.findingfureverhomes.org.uk/
The charity, which celebrated its first anniversary as a registered charity on 10 January 2014, has already helped rehome 316 dogs and donated over £45,000 to help cover the vet and food bills of canines being cared for in other rescue charities across England and Wales.
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