Get a Quote for Insurance and Money raises money for charity by donating 25% of its company profits.  You might ask why do this when it results in a reduction of company profits?  The answer is, we do it because we believe that commercial organisations, like ours, should be socially responsible and ‘give something back’ to society. 

The world of charities is large and complex. The regulator for charities in England and Wales is The Charity Commission 1.

There were 180,089 registered charities here as of September 2012, with a combined total income of £58.87 billion, of which the majority (80,653) charities have an income of under £10k, but at the top income bracket end there are 1,825 charities that have an income of more than £5 million. 
In Scotland, the comparable functions of The Charity Commission are undertaken by The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator 2.  There are currently 23,000 registered charities in Scotland. 
Clearly, it would be logistically impossible for to support all of these charities, no matter how much we might like to do so!  However, we endeavour to support a number of charities across multiple charity sectors (see below) and which have a geographical spread – from local, to national to international.

We choose which charities to support in a number of different ways:

a)      Our staff will choose which charities to support, reflecting personal choice, or long-standing supporter status.  
b)       At intervals, we may feature interactive user polls on our website and through our social media channels, so that lesser-known or local charities have an opportunity to become a monthly ‘Charity of Choice’.
For further information read Charities FAQ