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Welcome to the Breakdown Cover page from  Please click the 'Get Quotes' button above, or at the bottom of this guide to get a great, super fast and cheap comparison from many leading providers thanks to the comparison service provided by SEOPA ltd. You could save money and feel good too, as we will donate 25% of any profit we make to charity.

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If you would like to understand a little more about Breakdown Cover and how it works then why not continue to read our guide below? 

Why have breakdown cover?

Cars are machines, and sophisticated ones at that, but like all machines they can go wrong, and cars have a LOT of parts that can break. According to the Automobile Association (AA), “Battery and tyre problems and mishaps with keys cause a third of all breakdowns and can strike at any time, regardless of the age or type of car”1. If you’ve ever had a tyre blow-out on the motorway, been stuck with all the children in the car waiting to go to school when your car won’t start, or broken down in freezing weather with no-one around to assist you, or even another common nightmare scenario – on holiday in a European country where you don’t speak the language and the car breaks down then you’ll know all about the value of having breakdown insurance – or the frustration of not having it!
Can you actually afford to be without breakdown cover?  Some of the statistics on breakdowns are interesting, and worrying in their magnitude!

  • The total number of breakdowns handled by the RAC last year was 2.38million.2
  • Every 9 seconds, someone is rescued by the Automobile Association (AA).3
  • From 11th – 23rd January this year, in the wintry weather conditions, the AA attended more than 160,000 breakdowns. This included around 2,200 vehicles stuck in snow or ice. Cars failing to start accounted for 45% of breakdowns and punctures around 10%.4
  • Every year the RAC handles more than 50,000 calls from customers who break down in mainland Europe needing specialist assistance. Last year, the five most common countries for UK drivers to break down in were: France (60%); Germany (9%); Spain (9%); Belgium (5%) and Italy (4%).  The figures also revealed hundreds of vehicles that break down abroad each year require repatriation to the UK and that without adequate breakdown cover, in order for the car to be recovered and returned to the UK, owners could be faced with a hefty average bill of up to £1,000 in France, but double that amount if they find themselves stranded further afield for example, in Southern Spain or Italy.5

It’s best not to take a gamble and be the motorist who is stranded on the side of the road, instead of the one who can call the rescue company and have their car fixed at the roadside, or taken to a garage for repair.  Find peace of mind and take out a breakdown policy; you can get a cheap quote for the breakdown cover that best suits your personal requirements.  You can receive quotes from over 10 breakdown insurance providers.  All you have to do is fill in Seopa Ltd's short form and the quotes will be returned in seconds, showing you exactly what cover level options are included in each policy. 

What affects the price you pay for breakdown cover?

The age of your vehicle is one factor. The older it is the more likely it will be deemed by any insurer to breakdown.
However the level of cover that you require is the main factor.  Check out what the basic level covers –normally it is roadside emergency assistance and recovery within a specified mileage limit. Policy upgrades such as Home Start, European cover, car hire and relief driver will cost more.
Policies also have a personal or car cover option. If you choose the personal option, then you can then call for assistance not only if you are the driver or passenger in your own car, but also if you are in any other vehicle. The alternative is to arrange cover for any driver in a named car. The policy may be able to cover the car, whoever is in the driving seat.

How does Breakdown Cover work?

Most companies operate whereby you pay an annual membership fee in return for call assistance from one of their patrols.  Note that there will be a limit on the number of call-outs permitted in any one year – normally five. 

Other firms may have an arrangement with a local garage to come to your assistance, and you may be required to pay at the point of service and claim reimbursement from the insurance company.

However companies operate, it’s important to remember that breakdown cover does not include the cost of repairs to your car if it has to be taken to a garage. If your car can be fixed at the roadside, you may still have to pay for any replacement parts fitted.

European breakdown cover

If you’ve read the paragraph above on British drivers’ European breakdowns then you’ll need little convincing that it is well worth taking out this type of breakdown cover if you are driving in Europe.  This can be added to your annual UK policy, which normally allows for up to 90 days cover in Europe, or, if you are planning a single journey only, you may prefer to buy ‘single trip’ European breakdown cover.

It’s important to check companies’ policy details as they do not always classify ‘European’ in the same way – some are more restrictive than others regarding which countries are included.

Also check what options are included.  Most policies should at least offer roadside help and emergency repairs, plus English-speaking assistance.  Add-ons such as vehicle recovery to the UK or onward to your destination, as well as cover for alternative transport and accommodation will usually be available, bearing in mind that the more extensive the policy, the higher the premium is likely to be.


2 RAC Press Office, personal communication, April 2013.

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