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Caravan Insurance Comparison Guide

Welcome to the Caravan Insurance page.  Please click the 'Get Quotes' button above, or at the bottom of this guide to get a super fast and cheap insurance quote from leading providers. You could save money and feel good too, as we will donate 25% of any profit we make to charity.

Whether you have a Static Caravan or a Touring Caravan, finding a cheap Caravan insurance quote online couldn't be easier. Just fill in the details of your caravan and let the price comparison service provided by Seopa Ltd. do the rest.
If you would like to understand a little more about Caravan insurance then why not continue to read our guide below? It will give you a brief outline of the insurance terminology, so you can better understand some of the keywords used within the Caravan insurance comparison results. If you require Motorhome insurance there is a separate specialist quotation service that you can access from under the main insurance menu.

It is not a legal requirement to have caravan insurance.  However, the total value of your unit and its belongings could be very considerable – and even worth more than your car – so for peace of mind, having adequate insurance cover to protect your investment may be a good idea.  Interestingly, most car insurance policies will include third party cover for trailers, but this is not included for caravans.  Again, if your caravan is stolen or damaged, you will not be able to make a claim under your car insurance policy.

Static Caravan

A static caravan is often referred to as a mobile home and will be most likely permanently placed on a plot within a caravan Site. Even though these caravan types are not moved very often they are designed to be disassembled and moved if required. They can almost resemble a home with some having full central heating, gas and electricity, broadband and many other home comforts. If you can find a cheap quote for Static Caravan Insurance then you could save a lot of money to put towards your next weekend away! 

Touring Caravan

This is the stereotypical type of caravan that you see being towed by a car. These caravans are extremely portable and can be moved around very easily from site to site. They can vary quite considerably in size and modern types of tourers can contain all the home comforts and luxuries you might find in a static caravan but often have to rely on the facilities provided by the caravan or camping site. Touring Caravan holidays in the UK have been a popular way to have a cheap and flexible break. Why spend more on your Caravan Insurance than you need to? Fill in a quote form now and see if you can save some money.

What do you want your policy to cover?

These items usually come as standard

  • loss or damage to the caravan including theft or attempted theft (there’s lots of panels and windows!)
  • loss or damage to contents
  • accidental loss of keys and damage to locks
  • new for old
  • recovery and delivery costs
  • public liability

But you might need some of these things covered as well

  • European Usage
  • loan of use to family members
  • sports equipment (those fishing rods / surfboards / dinghies, for example, would be expensive to replace)
  • driver cover
  • hotel accommodation & replacement hire
  • personal accident

Note that policies are not guaranteed or restricted to cover all of the above.  Check carefully that the policy being offered fully meets your requirements.
Some companies may offer a discount on the premium if you have taken special measures to protect and secure your caravan, for example:

  • it is kept at a certified storage site;
  • you use a Tracker on your caravan;
  • you only do low mileage;
  • you are a member of The Caravan Club, Camping and Caravanning Club or other national organisation for caravanning.

Search for a recognised Club here:

 You may also get a discount if you take your caravan insurance out together with another insurance product – home insurance, for example. 
Remember - if you fail to provide accurate information to an insurance company, a subsequent claim may be refused.  So gather together all the information and facts you’re likely to need before you get your quotes and always ensure you fill in any forms correctly, paying attention to any predetermined tick boxes.

Page updated 16/08/16

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