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Welcome to the Horse Insurance page.  Please click the 'Get Quotes' button below, or at the bottom of this guide to access quotes from leading providers, who include Shearwater Insurance Services Ltd, and Equesure. You could save money and feel good too, as we donate 25% of company profits to charity.  Obtaining a Horse Insurance quote online couldn't be easier, you simply fill out the form provided by Seopa Ltd. and let the results come to you via their service - your details are passed to an expert panel of Horse Insurance specialists who will contact you with quotes so you can make a decision on the policy that suits you best.

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Whether you want to insure a foal, youngster, mature horse or pony or veteran, you can start your search efficiently via  You may have more than one horse or pony – in which case, a Multiple Horse Insurance policy may suit you best – and could work out cheaper than insuring your equines individually.  
If you want to know more about the various options that may be available in policies, please read our guide below; otherwise click the Get Quotes button above to start searching now.
The responsible owner will fulfil the many duties of caring for their horse, such as feeding, exercise, grooming, cleaning stable areas and importantly, ensuring it receives veterinary attention for routine health matters such as vaccinations, teeth and worming. Equine Insurance is yet another way that many responsible owners provide for their horses and ponies.

Veterinary cover

Veterinary bills are expensive – how much cover do you need?

Protect the health of your horseAs horsey people know only too well, if they have to call the vet it’s going to be expensive – because there’s a visit fee applied before the vet even begins his or her examination.  Fees are all itemised; there is a charge for all manner of things including the type of examination, administration of drugs, the drugs per se, sedation (if the horse or pony needs to be sedated in order to be examined or treated), and bandages and dressings. 
Certain investigative procedures and recuperation from surgery can only be performed at the veterinary practice or veterinary hospital premises, so as well as all of the above charges, if your horse is an inpatient there will also be stabling and care fees. 
Here’s an example of an unexpected bill in a previously healthy 4yo horse:
OCD hock problem - X-ray diagnosis £300, surgery to repair - £1,800 Follow-up visits and examinations £150.
The mare wasn’t covered by horse insurance. Her owner rues the day she decided not to take out a policy after the horse’s previous accident cost her £250 in vet bills!
Veterinary practices today are mostly high-tech, with well-trained staff that undergo continuous professional development. They cost a lot to maintain. Fees generally reflect the standard of service provided, but are never cheap.

  1. Imagine how awful it would be to have to make a very difficult decision about your horse or pony in emergency circumstances if you did not have the finances to cover the treatment he or she needed at the time, and neither did you have equine insurance cover to pay those fees for you.
  2. Few equine insurance companies will provide a new policy for an elderly animal, whereas most will continue to renew policies for veterans if the original policy was taken out when the horse or pony was younger, and some will provide cover for life. It pays to think ahead – older animals, just like older people, tend to have more health problems!

Replacement Tack and wardrobe

The amount of tack and other equipment horses and ponies need would cost a great deal of money to replace if stolen or damaged.  Think how much it would cost to buy all of these items again:
Saddle/s, bridle/s, headcollars, girths, lungeing equipment, outdoor rugs, stable rugs, boots . . .

Rider Insurance

Accidental injury cover for riders can normally be taken out as an optional extra to a horse or pony insurance policy, or taken out on its own. 

It pays to have Equine Insurance cover

Equine insurance is not just about cover for health, accidents and equipment:

  • What if your beloved horse goes missing? - Some policies will pay the cost of advertising for lost animals.
  • What if your horse or pony is out of action for any length of time due to an injury or accident?  You may want to add ‘Loss of Use’ onto your policy to ensure you can afford a temporary replacement mount.
  • And – a nightmare scenario – if your horse ever causes an accident, for example damage to property or a car crash, because she was misbehaving and the driver took avoidance action, you could be held responsible and have to pay legal costs. Equine Insurance provides third party damage and public liability cover for such eventualities, and hence peace of mind.
  • Finally, having mortality cover in place means that the insurance company will pay out if your horse has to be put down.  At such a distressing time you would not then have to worry about the veterinary and associated disposal costs.


If you have a horsebox then you will have to insure that too . . .(and Yes, you can start your search for horsebox insurance from here as well!).  Get quotes from over five industry-leading horsebox insurance providers including Equesure, EIS (Equine Insurance Solutions), Shearwater Insurance Services Ltd, A Plan and BG Insurance (Barry Grainger).  

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