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Welcome to the Life Insurance page.  Please click the 'Get Quotes' button above, or at the bottom of this guide to get great, super fast and cheap quotes from leading providers thanks to the comparison service provided by SEOPA ltd. You could save money and feel good too, as we will donate 25% of any profit we make to charity.

Life Insurance Comparison GuideFinding Life Insurance Quotes online couldn't be easier.  Just enter your details into the quotation form, sit back, relax and let the price comparison service do the rest. You could save money on the same cover you currently have, or even get more cover than before. What have you got to lose?

If you would like to understand a little more about Life Insurance then why not continue to read our guide below? It will give you a brief outline of Life Insurance terminology so you can better understand some of the keywords used.


Unfortunately fatal accidents do happen.  And it's a fact of life that some people develop a terminal illness and are unable ever to work again.  In these types of scenario could your family manage without your income?  In the event of death, it is difficult enough for families to cope with the loss of a loved one, but if this also brings financial problems then it makes coping even harder.

A life insurance policy provides peace of mind, allowing you to rest safe in the knowledge that your family will be provided for should you permanently lose your ability to work through illness or if you die in an accident or due to a medical condition.

You can obtain a quote for Life Insurance alone, combine Life Insurance with Critical Illness or Mortgage Protection, or find  Whole of Life cover. 

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Choosing the Right Policy

Level Term Life Insurance  

Term life insurance, also known as ‘level term’ cover, will pay out on the death of the policyholder.  The amount of insurance always stays the same for the term of the policy.  When you take out adequate cover with this type of life insurance policy, your family will be able to cover funeral costs, pay off debts and be in a better position to maintain their standard of living. Insurers may also cover terminal illness in the policy, but there will normally be exclusions applied such as death resulting from alcohol or drug abuse

Whole of Life Insurance

Whole life insurance or whole of life assurance is a life insurance policy that covers the policy holder for the remainder of their life. It will usually require premiums to be paid for the life of the policy. There is no specified policy term, and the policy will pay out a lump sum in the event of death, no matter when it happens.

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Mortgage Protection insurance

This is a form of ‘decreasing term’ life insurance, whereby the amount for which you are insured will go down over time, as your mortgage is being paid off. 

Critical Illness Cover

This can be taken out alongside life insurance cover or purchased as a stand-alone product.  It will protect you against specific medical conditions like cancer, heart disease and strokes – the number of different conditions covered will depend on the specific insurer. 

When completing a life insurance application you must be completely truthful and answer all questions fully and honestly. If any errors are made, for example, you say you are a non-smoker but you actually smoke ten cigarettes a day, the amount of premium you’ll pay will be lower than it should have been, and your risk factors higher, so any future claim will be refused when the truth comes to light.  Be certain to read all the fine print and seek advice if there is anything you are not certain about.

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