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Almost everyone relies on money to live and buy themselves the things they need.  In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever that people secure value for money, whatever the financial product under consideration.  Using a good comparison site like to take the work out of 'shopping around' will save time and effort in finding the deal that best suits personal requirements.  You can search a large number of financial providers to find great deals on Prepaid Cards and Mortgages.

Note that reputable banks, building societies and credit-card providers follow the Lending Code which covers personal loans, credit cards and charge cards, and current account overdrafts.  The Lending Code, which sets out the standards of service you should expect is monitored by the Independent Lending Standards Board and details key committments, communications, assessing if you can afford to borrow, and deciding not to lend to you or to lend less, help if you are experiencing financial difficulties, how to make a complaint, other protection and where to get more financial advice.  You can download this code from: