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Motorbike Insurance Comparison Guide

Welcome to the Compare Motorbike Insurance page from  Please click the 'Get Quotes' button above, or at the bottom of this guide to get a great, super fast and cheap comparison from many leading providers thanks to the comparison service provided by SEOPA ltd. You could save money and feel good too, as we will donate 25% of any profit we make to charity.

Comparing motorbike insurance quotes online couldn't be easier, you can find cheap quotes in minutes.
If you would like to understand a little more about motorbike insurance then why not continue to read our guide below? It will give you a brief outline of motorbike insurance terminology,  so you can better understand some of the keywords used within the motorbike insurance quotes comparison results. 

Don't you just love motorbikes? The freedom of the road, the growl of the engine as you open up the throttle, the sheer exhilaration of riding on two wheels with the wind whipping past . . . Once experienced, never forgotten! 

Just who is riding motorcycles and other bikes these days?  As always, there are the aficionados whose main mode of transport is a motorbike, some of whom spend much time, money and energy devoted to customising their pride and joy.  Then there are adventure or off-road bikers who spend their leisure time getting up close and personal with dirt tracks and obstacles.  Also with cars becoming increasingly costly to run and maintain these days, more people are turning to commuter bikes, scooters and mopeds for their ride to work.  

Motorbike Insurance comparison PoliciesYou require a valid driving licence in order to drive motor vehicle in this country; however, there are highly detailed and specific regulations for bike licences and you should always check the current legislation with the DVLA before riding any moped or motorbike.

Very useful maps which take you through the various stages and alternative routes to how to get a moped or motorcycle licence is available on the government's .gov website1:
Route Map to obtaining your licence

Once you have obtained your moped or motorbike licence, you will be eligible for the Enhanced Rider Scheme, which has been designed to provide you with an assessment of your bike riding skills and any additional training you may need to improve these skills.   It could be worth your while pursuing this additional certificate because according to the DVLA, successful completion of an Enhanced Rider Scheme course will entitle you to significant discounts on your insurance.,>

Cost of motorbike insurance

Insurers have to weigh up the risk you present when setting the cost of your insurance cover.  Many factors will influence the premium.  Here’s a summary of the main ones:

  • the type of motorbike you drive: make, model, value, engine size, security features etc.;
  • the area in which you live and where your motorbike is parked – eg garage / driveway or public road;
  • your age, occupation, driving experience and driving history;
  • if you have a ‘no claim bonus’ or not, and for many years this applies;
  • the number of drivers insured on your bike;
  • the level of ‘excess’ you are prepared to pay in the event of an insurance claim.

Remember - if you fail to provide accurate information to an insurance company, a subsequent claim may be refused.  So gather together all the information and facts you’re likely to need before you get your quotes and always ensure you fill in any forms correctly, paying attention to any predetermined tick boxes. 

Ride comfortably knowing you and your motorbike are fully insured.  Whatever your passion: commuter bikes, sportsbikes and supersports bikes, adventure or off-road bikes, touring bikes, cruisers and custom bikes, scooter or moped; whether you’re a young biker or an older, more experienced motorcyclist, you can use this website as a starting point to find the right insurance policy for you at the right price, to keep you covered.  



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