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Insurance for travellers these days isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity!  There are very many things that potentially could go wrong the moment your trip begins; from cancelled flights to floods delaying journeys, personal accidents and unexpected illness, theft of belongings or their accidental loss and a 101 other possibilities.  So it’s far better to take out enough travel insurance cover to give yourself peace of mind, and then leave for that trip safe in the knowledge that if the worst came to the worst, you are fully insured, and the insurance company will help you resolve the situation

Types of travel insurance

There are many different custom-made policies which cover different categories of travel, for example:

  • European only
  • world-wide
  • single trip
  • annual multi-trip
  • long stay (continuous)
  • adventure travel
  • backpackers
  • winter sports / ski and snowboarding
  • business travel

 And there are options related to the number of people travelling and their ages, for example:

  • Singles
  • Couples
  • Family
  • Over 65s
  • Over 75s

Many policies cover children for free.  

What is covered?

Travel insurance companies will offer a basic policy, then either the option to add in extra cover /services or variations of inclusive policies offering more extensive cover for a higher premium.  Think carefully about your requirements here – you may regret taking out the cheapest policy when you find yourself in a difficult situation later on for which you have no insurance cover.  When the chips are down and you’re a long way from home, you may be relieved that you chose a company which not only provides high levels of cover but also provides extra services.

Important items / activities for which cover can be purchased

  • Personal belongings
  • Lost luggage
  • Sporting, business or specialised equipment eg laptops, musical instruments
  • Cancellation (by you / the travel company / the transport companies)
  • Hazardous activities (eg sea kayaking, scuba diving)
  • Accidents
  • Illnesses
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • 24hr assistance helpline
  • Natural disasters (eg volcanoes, floods, earthquakes)
  • Enforced stay (you will need alternative travel arrangements and additional accommodation)
  • Excess waiver
  • Help to complete passport replacement forms in the event of passport loss;
  • Repatriation with medical or nursing escort

Travel Insurance ComparisonChecking your policy document

When you receive your travel insurance policy document make sure that you check immediately all the terms, conditions and exclusions, along with ‘in the event of an emergency’ information to make certain it covers everything you expected it to do.  A cooling-off period will normally apply to policies within 14 days if you need to cancel the policy.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

In order to receive state healthcare during your visit to a European Economic Area country (or Switzerland) an EHIC is required.  Your EHIC allows you to get treatment at a reduced cost or sometimes for free. It will cover you for treatment that is needed to allow you to continue your stay until your planned return.
Learn about the use of the card and obtain it free of charge from:
For further enquiries, contact the NHS Overseas Healthcare Team on 0191 218 1999

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