1. Have you set a limit on the number of charities that can be supported?

There are a huge number of registered charities in the UK (over 200,000).  It is not technically possible to support them all!  We will make donations to charities across a broad range of sectors as profits allow (see below).

 2. How does a charity become your ‘Featured Charity for the Month? 

Our ‘Featured Charity’ is selected in a few ways:

a)       By a monthly poll that will be posted on our home page.  Anyone can access our website and cast their vote; the charity with the most votes in any given month will become ‘Featured Charity’ for another month shortly thereafter.

b)      Internal company decision.  It could be that one of our employees will have been affected by life circumstance in some way which has led them to support a particular charity.  CareandCompare.com will take due cognizance of this and may promote that charity to ‘Featured Charity’.

c)      An individual charity may be chosen to coincide with that charity’s fundraising campaign.

We will always clearly state on our website how the current ‘Featured Charity’ has been chosen.

 3. What about Gift Aid?

Gift aid can be claimed when a UK tax payer donates to their charity and the charity can claim back tax paid on the income being donated. However, in our case, the monies being donated will not have originated from Givers (UK taxpayers), but are profits that will be donated by CareandCompare.com. Therefore, it is our company that is making the donations in accordance with the wishes of Givers and thus donations are not eligible for Gift Aid.

 4. How long will it take before my charity receives its sum of money?

Charities receive the donation in one lump sum 60 days after the month end in which they are featured.

5. We’re running a local campaign - can you help us?

If you’re organising a fundraising campaign in your local community please email charities@careandcompare.com; we may be able to feature you as ‘Charity of Choice’ for the month and also highlight your events on our Charity Calendar and Blog pages.

6. What charity sectors are included?
Charities can classified in various ways. The following classification is taken from www.charitychoice.co.uk.  Potentially all of these sectors may receive donations from CareandCompare.com.

  • Aged
  • Animals
  • Armed & Ex-Services
  • Children & Youth
  • Community
  • Culture & Heritage
  • Disabled
  • Family
  • Education & Training
  • Employment, Trades & Professions
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Hearing Impairments
  • Hospices
  • Hospitals
  • Housing
  • Human Rights
  • International
  • Learning Disabilities & SEN
  • Medical Research
  • Medical Welfare
  • Mental Health
  • Overseas Aid
  • Religious
  • Rescue Services
  • Social Welfare
  • Sport & Recreation
  • Visual Impairments