Landlord's Insurance

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Landlord’s insurance is not the same as Home insurance. If you’re renting out property then Landlord’s insurance can provide protection for the property, the tenants and any rental activities. It may include cover for:

  • Public liability - so that tenants and their visitors, workmen etc. are insured against risk of injury as a result of a fault in your property
  • Property owner’s liability
  • Alternative tenant accommodation costs
  • Loss of rental if the property becomes uninhabitable, for example through fire, flood or other damage to the building;
  • Contents insurance – insuring tenants’ possessions is their personal responsibility, but insuring the furnishings is yours. (The fittings in the property should be covered under your Buildings insurance policy).
  • Glass and lock replacement

Use the Get Quotes button to find cheap Landlord’s Insurance cover.  You have the option of residential only, commercial only, or mixed property cover. You also have the option of buildings only, contents only or combined buildings and contents insurance. Just tick the boxes on the form to suit your circumstances.