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Join in with National Pothole Day 2017!

It's National Pothole Day 2017 on January 16th!

Potholes are the scourge of motorists, bikers and cyclists.  At the very least they can cause damage to vehicles, and tragically they have caused serious accidents and even deaths to bikers and cyclists. 

Insurers count costs of the Winter floods - £1.3 billion in payouts

Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank caused devastating floods during December and over the New Year.  Figures released last week by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), show that insurance companies have made a massive response to the aftermath:

Car Insurance Premiums - biggest annual rise since 2011

Car insurance premiums have undergone the biggest annual rise since 2011.  New research has found that premiums for comprehensive car insurance continued to rise in the last quarter of 2015, with an average 13.2% annual increase over 2014.

According to the latest Car Insurance Price Index1, which is based on data from nearly two million customer quotes and produced by and Willis Towers Watson, the average premium has now reached £672.

New Drug-Driving Law changes come into force March 2015

Drink and drug-driving regulations have tightened up recently.  We reported on Scotland's tougher drink-driving law last December, and on the 2nd March, the government  brought in additional regulations covering drug use and driving.

Crash for Cash: A Big Problem with an Easy Solution

By guest Charlotte Waller of the Car Camera Shop :

'Crash for Cash' has been much in the headlines recently.  This fraudulent practice is on the increase, and innocent motorists are being affected.  It's something that we all need to be aware of, not least because of  the knock-on effect of a rise in our insurance premiums. 

Scotland's New Tougher Drink-Driving Law: Be Aware!

Scotland has very recently introduced a reduced drink-driving limit, and now leads the way in the UK with tougher drink-drive laws.

Scottish Police breath-testing: new reduced alcohol limits

Road Safety Groups campaign to stop the clocks going back

The clocks went back last weekend as British Summer Time (BST) came to an end and we returned to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).  The evenings always come as a bit of a shock when this happens and we have to start travelling or driving home in the dark.

Car Insurance Prices Starting to Rise

The fall in car insurance premiums that motorists have enjoyed over the last three years are set to end, according to a number of car insurance experts.  The average cost of cover was pushed down by a third – or £275 – during this time.

Guide to the new Car Tax System being introduced on October 1st 2014

We are all used to seeing the paper ‘car tax’ disc displayed on the windscreen of vehicles (and on forks of motorcycles) that are in use on public roads.  The Vehicle Excise Duty (as it’s officially called) system was introduced in 1921, and since then, over 17 billion tax discs have been issued - enough to go around the world three times!

Driverless cars coming to British roads very soon!

July 30th's announcement by the Business Minister, Vince Cable, of a £10m fund for driverless car research and road law changes1 must be one of the most significant developments in motoring for many a long year.  The initiatives mean that we could see driverless cars on our roads as soon as January 2015, with up to three cities hosting the research trials.  Transport minister Claire Perry believes the new technology could not only help to save lives, but also be a method of reducing levels of congestion and assist the government to cut levels of emissions in the UK over time.