Why Winter is a Worrying time for Dog Rescues

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Our Featured Charity*, Finding Furever Homes has an amazing track record of placing rescue dogs into good homes – 316 in the last two years, and rising.  It is always a challenge for dog rescue charities to raise enough funds to make ends meet and find a constant supply of new homes, but for the months November until the end of February, ‘the challenge intensify enormously, making our task even harder’, says Andrea Newton, founder of FFH.

The reasons for this situation are varied, and for dog-lovers, some are very difficult to understand given the element of cruelty involved.  The numbers of dogs in rescue can increase because the closer we get to the end of the year and the busy Christmas period, less people come forward to adopt. 
The rising numbers problem is compounded since older dogs may be dumped to make way for a new puppy at Christmas; and
Annie - an older dog whose owner diedpuppies bought for Christmas may be ‘kicked out’ at the end of January when the novelty has worn off and the puppy is seen to be a nuisance. In addition, kennelling costs increase with the need for heating over the cold winter months, particularly for the ‘oldies’; and with reduced daylight and unpredictable weather, fewer opportunities exist for fundraising events.

The charity is currently bracing itself for the situation it knows is coming, but stays motivated by focussing on the success of its rehoming programme, taking solace in each additional dog rehomed.

FFH stresses that not all rescue dogs have ‘issues’ as some people believe.  Although many dogs that end up in rescue have been abandoned or cruelly treated, some have come from homes where they have been previously well-looked after, but very sadly, a lack of resources and knowledge have led to the owners being unable to cope.  One recent such case is of an American Bulldog owned by a young lad who did not even realise the bitch was carrying pups until they were born.  Ten pups and two days later the very upset owner handed them all over to FFH to ensure their survival, and hence another 11 homes will need to be found . . .

Roxy's puppies

FFH welcomes all donations and interest in rehoming one of their dogs.  You can also find out how to sponsor a rescue kennel – a vital lifeline for a dog on ‘death row’ and how to become a fosterer or volunteer through their website:

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